Monday, October 7, 2013

Evie In Wonderland....

A long time ago, there lived an imaginative little girl named Evie. She loved to be outside and would often play with her "forest friends". There was Pip, the tall rabbit who wore a big clock necklace because he was always afraid of running late. Bertrude was a crafty little snail who sat on the rock by the stream all day blowing bubbles with his pipe. One day, while pretending to be a princess, Pip ran up to Evie and told her to hurry and follow him! There was something he had to show her down the stream. Evie followed Pip and they rushed off toward the waterfall. Just there, they spotted a rabbit hole, where Pip exclaimed they needed to "jump down and follow where it leads". Evie looked down the hole and was not quite sure. It was really dark and she couldn't see the bottom at all. Before she could protest, Pip grabbed her by the hand and pulled her down the rabbit hole! Just like that, Evie was falling down into darkness...

Inspired by Alice In Wonderland


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