Thursday, June 27, 2013

You make me smile...

The lovely Edith Ogleby posted a challenge on Flickr over night and I immediately knew who I wanted to write about. 

The person I would like to gush over is someone I met a few weeks back. Everyone knows him as my yard sale Daddy, but we will refer to him on here as Jamy. Have you ever had an encounter with someone and right off the bat you knew there was something special about them? You just kinda click and want to get to know them better, sooner rather than later? That's how I felt when I met him. Jamy is a really awesome guy. I have only known him a short while, but he is so sweet and witty. He is also very open to the kid community and doesn't judge anyone for their avis which to me is a great quality in itself. He is also magical! I am so happy to have met you Jamy. Thank you for allowing us into your little world and for getting me. Even if you do think I'm evil. 
<3 Your little Cercei


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